Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fabulous Find & Special Offer

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I actually have 3 websites. I mention the hair accessory and jewelry sites often but the 3 site is a top site:
Chic Shops Top Sites

For those of you unfamiliar with Top Sites they are board where sites/blogs are listed to generate traffic to them. Most require a banner but some will accept text links. Most also require a reciprocal link back to the top site.

I have had my Top Site for approximately 5 years & I have over 260 active members. It a great place to find other web-based businesses. 

I have 2 ways to list on my site. Either a free slot to put your 468x60 banner or a paid high profile spot.
Free  banners do change based on ranking. Meaning the more hits from your site to my site the higher your banner goes. Right now we have 14 pages of active banners.

The other option is to purchase ad space. Header ad space is seen on top of every page of  the board whereas you free banner is only seen on the page it's currently on.

So here's my special offer- I currently charge $40.00 for 1 year header ad space but for my blog readers I am offering


You need to have a 125x125 or 125x140 banner to do this. I don't do text links
You also do not have to have a reciprocal link on your blog

I did this offer once before and it was very popular.

This is a fabulous and inexpensive way to get a lifetime of exposure for your blog/site.

As a bonus the first person to take me up on this limited offer will get my #1 spot on the board.

If you are interested you can e-mail me directly at

Offer is only good until AUGUST 31st.
Feel free to spread the word if you know someone who would be interested.

I may not get back to you ASAP as tomorrow is Sophia's birthday and today I'm putting the finishing touches on her party including making a Topsy Turvy cake(wish me luck-it's my first)

Monday, August 23, 2010

August Name This Piece Contest & Bonus-Closed

Can you believe it's already the end of August? Before you know it we'll be packing up the pool supplies and getting the rakes back out!

I figured this month's piece would be the perfect Autumn accessory

Beautiful freshwater pearls in lovely fall shades of blue,burgundy,sage & pale pink. Hand wired with gold-filled wire and accented with gold-filled hammered oval links.
Measures 30" with a 2" extender chain
Show long and doubled up
One of a kind

Name this piece and you will win a gift certificate to either of my sites


Contest rules are simple:

  • Submit name for piece- you can look on Its All about the Jewels for inspiration

  • become a follower(if you aren't already) and let me know

  • leave me a way to contact you
As a bonus this month everyone who enters gets a  $5.00 gift card to use on either site!
So be sure to enter-you've got nothing to lose!

Contest ends 8/31

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fabulous Find

This week's find is another one of my favorite reads:

 This fab site is run by 3 amazing and talented women- Shelly,Missy & Allison. What this site does is gather ideas from everything from teachers gifts to organizing your household  and  conveniently put them together in one easy to navigate spot.  There are so many  wonderful recipes, holiday ideas, ways to organize your house(and your life) that if I had the time I could literally spend hours reading on this site. Who am I kidding-I have spend hours reading on their site! I recommend that you sign up for their newsletter because once you do you will receive a link to free adorable printables.

Definitely one of my favorite go to sites when I need to be inspired!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Find

For this week's find I thought I would re-visit some of my past favorites. All I still use and love.

This week's find is definitely one of my favorites.I have always had a problem with the "back gap"(from my lack of any recognizable booty) while wearing jeans so I always have to wear a belt. Unfortunately belts can look bumpy when you don't have a shirt tucked in. Then I found this:

It's called the Invisabelt. This clear plastic belt lays completely flat against your jeans. I wear this belt every time I wear my jeans and it is completely undetectable. No more panty flashes! I purchase mine at for $20.00

Ok- I admit it. I am a skin care product junkie. I love to try lotions,serums,eye creams you name it-as long as it is a sample & don't have to pay for it. But every once in a while I try something that I absolutely cannot live without. Well here is my newest must have. It's is Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer. This product is amazing. I tried it from a magazine sample and ran to the store the next day to buy it. I normally have dry flaky skin in the winter with large visible pores. After using the product for 1 week my skin is noticeably smoother,even toned and the pores are definitely less defined. Even those adorable crows feet have diminished. Not only that but my face is so incredibly soft. It completely absorbs-never feels greasy. My makeup foundation looks so much better too.

At $37.50 for 1.0 oz isn't exactly cheap but it only takes two pumps per application so a little goes a long way. Available at Clinique counters or

Let me start by saying I have horribly dry skin. My legs are the worst I swear in the winter you can grate cheese on my legs. I actually scratch myself in my sleep and wake up with bruise lines from the scratching.


Now that capri season is back I needed to fix this-fast. I've tried everything from the store brand to the ultra extensive but nothing really work for more than a couple of hours until I stumble upon this.

I started using the Johnson's baby oil gel 2 weeks ago and it's like I have new skin! I put it on while I'm still wet from a shower let it sit there for a few minutes and then blot myself dry. My skin is soft and smooth and surprisingly not even the littlest bit greasy. I haven't scratched my legs in a week.I may even brave a skirt for Mother's Day.

Not only is it a great moisturizer but it smells heavenly with a very light cocoa butter scent. Best yet I only paid $3.99 for it! So if you are like me and have more scales then skin this is your product! I purchased mine at but I saw it at CVS this week.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fridays Fabulous Find

This week's find is one of my absolute favorites sites to purchase clothes for me.

I found this site through one of my customers and I have purchased several items from them over the years and have never  ever been disappointed.

I mostly like to wear dresses/skirts or long tunics and leggings when I leave the house and they have a tons of them.
I actually wore one of their dresses to the wedding I just went to. Unfortunately they are no longer carrying it so I can't show you but I found one the is extremely similar

The only difference between the two dresses is the top of mine is blue and a bit more empire and of course the body that is in it. My dress was also $44.00
I wore it with high heeled  grey sandals and this necklace

Their prices are very reasonable and the quality is great. They change stock and reduce the price of items quite fast so if there is something you like I wouldn't wait too long before purchasing.

They don't have any boutiques by me so I can only shop online. Not that it's a big problem for me because I hate going to the malls away.
However the do have boutique in 38 states(they do have one in NY but it's far  upstate)

They still have tons of summer stock but if you would like to see some of what I'd like for the fall click here

If you have a boutique locally and haven't checked it out yet you should. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Annual Back To School Sale & bonus

Our annual back to school sale is up and running at Drama Queen Bows & Jewels
As an added bonus for my followers here and on twitter if you contact me(top right side of page) I'll send you a code for an additional 10% !
Only catch is you have to either be or become a  follower to get addition discount

So if you were waiting to get some adorable hair accessories(if I don't say so myself)for your little cutie or perhaps a lovely mommy bracelet for you or as a gift now is the time to do it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My newest re-dos

I have been looking for a hall tree for my foyer for years but all the ones that I like were upward off $600.00- definitely not in my budget. So a month ago I was at a yard sale when I saw this old seat with attached table which I later found out was a phone table. Apparently you put the phone on the table and a phone book on the little shelf.

It was marked $65 which was more than I wanted to spend but I really thought it would work in the foyer. So I went home and got John and figured if he liked it I would make an offer if it was still was there.If it wasn't it wasn't meant to be. We decided $50.00 was the limit we would offer. When we got back 1/2 hour later it was already marked down to $50.00! John offered $40.00 and they settled for $45.00. $20.00 less than the original price!

I liked the green but it didn't match my house.At all. I decided to paint it  Valspar Java Brown satin finish.
I had a beautiful material that I had purchased to recover my dining room chairs which somehow never got done that was a perfect fit.

Here's the completed project

The wires in the phone are from the cell phone chargers.I had John drill a hole in the shelf so I could use it as a charging station. I guess this is still being used as a phone table. I didn't realize they were so visible until this photo-I'll have to pull them in more
Close-up of the seat

I'm happy with the way it turned out now let me tell you what I don't like
  • The wall color-I've hated it since they day it was painted. John promises me it will soon be gone.
  • The ugly dried plant arrangement. It stays until I can find/make something to replace it. Any suggestions welcome!

Another project I completed was an end table for my studio. I was using a portable black filing cabinet as a table and it really had to go but being "thrifty" I didn't want to spend much on a table. I found this little beauty in front of an abandoned house by my cousin

I had originally planned on painting it black but I had white in the house leftover from Sophia's lamps so I figured I give it try-worse that could happen is I don't like the results and try again.

I liked the results.  My only problem with it is I think you lose some of the beautiful details on the legs in the white. If anyone has any ideas on how to make them stand out more I'd love to hear it.
I'll show you how it looks in my studio once it clean it up enough to not be horrified with it being photographed

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Mini Vacation

We had a wedding to attend in Delaware so being that was weren't able to take a big vacation this summer we thought we'd make a mini vacation out of the weekend.

You know the expression " we plan , God laughs" well he was getting his jollies with this trip. It started with Saturday morning a half an hour before we were to meet three cars of family members at a local Starbucks so we could caravan down to Delaware together. I get myself and the girls ready and go into the bedroom to see what keeping John. I find him still in his sweats leaning over the bed-he turns to me and says " I don't feel good". So being the kind and nurturing woman I am I immediately say" Are you friggin' kidding me?" He tells me he's been felt sick all night. I get him pepto chewables and make him toast. He manages to eat the toast and then proceeds to throw up everything he's eaten for the last 2 years.Apparently that is what he needed because after that he felt good enough to get on the road. What a trooper.

We finally get the Delaware after a 4 hour drive and it's like 104 degrees and extremely humid. I send him to the hotel room and take the girls to the pool so they can get in a quick swim before the wedding. After an hour we go back to the room expecting to see John showered and ready instead he's curled up in a ball on the bed in worse shape then I left him. I decide he's not going to the wedding in his condition and get him Nyquil,soup,pretzels and water and get ready for the wedding.

We head out to the wedding which is being held at a vineyard.
In 104 degrees
For 5 1/5 hours
'nough said

Besides that it was a lovely wedding and my cousin and her daughters looked absolutely stunning and she married a wonderful man with 2 adorable sons. I have no pictures because in the rush to get there I forgot my camera

Day 2 was Philadelphia.John was back to his old self (thank goodness) We got there around  2:00 and it is still extremely hot and humid and really impossible to comfortably site see. At this point Gabriella is miserable and making sure everyone knows it but managed to give a semi-smile so we could take the rare family photo

We decided after this to go to the hotel and the girls and John would go swimming and I would take a little rest as  at this point I had a pounding headache.

The hotel by the way was wonderful . We stayed at the Omni Hotel at Independence Park. I got a really great rate so we stayed at a stunning hotel in a great location for less than I would have paid for a room at an economy hotel. When we checked in the girls got backpack filled with goodies and received milk and cookies at bedtime. I got tea delivered to the room at 7:15 am  with my choice of newspaper-all complimentary!

Here's our view-sorry about the reflection
Looking to the right

Looking left
Back to the trip-not 5 minutes into my rest on the super plush bed they return to the room. Apparently the pool closes early on Sundays. We decided to all just chill out for awhile. While we're all resting we have a major thunderstorm which immediately lowers the temperature 15 degrees and no more humidity.
We decide to do a little site-seeing now. We go to Independence Hall which is pratically across the street from our hotel & because it's after 5:00 the tour is free. Then we head to Chinatown where the girls go to a little store to get Hello Kitty stuff and then we had a really good dinner.

Day 3- We have a wonderful breakfast at the Hotel's restaurant and do some more site seeing. We go to the mint(boring), Ben Franklin cemetery( I thought it was beautiful- girls thought it was creepy) Betsy Ross House and  then to a comic store for Gabby. After that we head out. We were going to NYC to see friends but what Sophia didn't know was we were stopping in New Jersey so she could see the home of her favorite show-
Cake Boss. She is obsessed with this show and has seen every episode at least twice

We get to Hoboken New Jersey and do a drive by of the bakery and we see this enormous line going down the block. I had warned John that there would be a line but he had no idea it would be as long as it was. After a 1 1/2 wait outside we finally made it inside where we waited another hour to be served.

Here we are right before we went in

Some of the beautiful cakes

These red velvet cupcakes came home with us-delicious!

That's Remy-one of the shows bakers and Buddy's brother-in-law
Buddy's sister Maddalena-the only sister we saw
Doesn't she look thrilled that I'm taking her pictue?

Buddy was in Italy when we were there. Was the wait worth it? Yes-Sophia was thrilled beyond thrilled and the cupcakes and the carrot cake we bought were delicious. We would ever do it again? Nope

After that we headed to NYC went to a Japanese bookstore for Gabriella then met our friends and their beautiful baby boy for dinner then headed home.

Our mini vacation started off rocky but ended well but I'll never again try to jam so much into such a small time frame again


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