Friday, June 25, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in the next town over

ABC TV's show Extreme Makeover Home Edition is just down the road from me this week.The family being helped is the Lutz family. The parents Grace and Jack Lutz adopted daughter Kathleen and 17 other children including 7 who have down syndrome.When their parents past away Kathleen took over the parenting responsibilities. She was soon after diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor and underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments.She is doing ok now but the house definitely needed help.

Sophia and I watch the show every Sunday together so when she heard they were going to be right down the road I couldn't get her there fast enough. We went today(crowds were terrible earlier in the week) and not only did I get primo parking within easy walking distance,we were able to get right in front of the house so I could snap a few photos with my phone-sorry about the quality

Before we got to the site they had a table where they were selling t-shirts and hats. Sophia is a hat girl  and being that it is 90 degrees and bright sun I bought her a pink baseball cap. Boy was I glad I did

Tracy Hutson, one of the designers walked right up to her and signed her hat. So sweet and friendly and super tiny.How lucky were we- no more than five people in front of us not even a real line.What is the chance of that happening? Talk about right place right time.
I hadn't brought my camera on Sophia's request but obviously from her grin she didn't mind having this taken!

Gabriella was at a party but made it clear she had no desire to come with us-don't want you to think I'm leaving one of my chickies out!

Here's the hat

We  gave a donation to the family which made me feel good and Sophia got to meet one of the stars of one of her favorite shows so she feels good so I'd have to say this was a pretty good day

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Three Giveaway-Closed

I thought for today's three we'd play a little game. I hid a code word in one of my jewelry descriptions at It's All About The Jewels the first 3 readers to leave a comment with the code will win your choice of these fabulous  earrings that I haven't even put on the site yet.


Peacock pearls and Swarovski crystals on sterling silver ear-wires &  sterling accents

or these

Creamy white button pearls & Swarovski crystals sterling silver ear-wires & sterling accents

Even if you don't wear earrings they make a great gift!
So why are you still reading? Get your search on!

Here's a little clue for you "artist"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We got lamps!

I found the lamps I was looking for at an amazing yard sale a couple of weeks ago. These little beauties were on the dollar table:

I loved the shape of the lamps just not the colors.So after a tiny bit of sanding and two coats of the same white spray paint I used on the mirror we have this
After searching for several weeks for cheapy lamp shades with no results I finally caved in and bought them at target for $7.99 each-more than I had wanted to spend but Sophia really loved the colors.
They are in her room now but I think they need more "oomph" so if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!

At  that same yard sale they had a 25 cents table where I got this glass plate. Looks like it was never used.

And this wine glass

I love the stem of this glass.

Now people who know me well know I have a very serious addiction to footed cake stands,candy dishes,platters basically any footed.So can you guess where I'm going with this...


I just washed them and glued them together E600 glue.
After I finished I decided I wasn't crazy about it for a cake stand so I put it on Gabriella's new mirror
as a jewelry display. She can hang her earrings off the edge and put bracelets and necklaces on top.She loves it.
Not too shabby for 50 cents and a dab of glue.

I would have never thought of doing this had it not been for this post I read on
Emily is chock-full of inspiring ideas and her blog is one of my first reads in the morning.
Big thanks  Emily for getting my idea juices a flowin'!

Next is this chair that I got at another yard sale for $3.00 for Sophia's desk

I already started stripping it of the 200 layers of paint it has on it and hopefully by next week I'll have it done.Hopefully but not likely-come on it's me we're talking about!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday Fabulous Find Part 2 Quote the Walls

Yes- I know it's Tuesday like usual I got distracted so here's part 2. As I mentioned in previous posts I've been re-doing the girls' rooms and trying to spend as little as possible. What a better way than to barter. I wanted designs for their walls so I search through barter boutique for wall vinyls and found the fab site Quote The Walls. I had the girls pick out what they wanted.

Gabriella selected this

Sophia this

I contacted the owner Rebecca and proposed a barter and she agreed. I was thrilled!
 She picked
from It's All About The Jewels 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace and in a matter of days we received this from her:


It's hard to see how big these are from the photos but the "Gabriella" is 16" x 30" and the  "S" is
22" x 18".

They are so well made and easy to apply and they truly finish their walls. I hope Rebecca will be willing to do another swap so I can get something for my room!

These are just 2 of the many different designs and categories offered. If you are looking for a unique wall vinyl I can definitely recommend Quote the Walls

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fabulous Find Part 1

A couple of months ago I joined a unique website called Barter Boutique.It's a site where you can trade, swap, or exchange your goods and services with other members. They have such categories as advertising,retail goods,digital designs,homemade goods(where my sites are listed),home decor/vinyl &;photography.

I'm all for bartering and being that I have 2 sites I figured I'd have a better chance of getting picked for a barter or being accepted if I submitted an offer.Naturally I was thrilled when my membership was approved.

The owners of the site sisters Colette and Lynette started bartering with each other then started the boutique to expand it to others. They are strong advocates for the mom-based businesses which means I love them!

If you own your own business including Etsy shops I recommend you check out their site.You won't be disappointed. I'll tell you about my first experience next post.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We have nothing to eat

I know I haven't been around much but I have good excuses reasons. Sophia was sick I had class parties,field day,multiple orders to get out,recitals,finals to study for and just plain exhaustion. Things are slowly quieting down so hopefully next I'll be back full force.

This Thursdays Three is going to be a bit different. It's my response to the following scenario:

Darling child/children: "I'm hungry"(this statement is usually said moments after they've just eaten)

Me: What do you mean you are hungry-you just ate.

Them: I'm still hungry

Me:Have a small snack

Them: We don't have anything to eat

Me: Yes we do the pantry is full we just went shopping

Them: There's nothing good

Me; What do you mean there's nothing good? You picked out the snacks

Them:I don't like those anymore

OK-now here's the three:

Response 1. "I'm sorry you don't like the snacks but you picked them out so you are stuck with your choices."

A nice but firm response- notice I added the "I'm sorry" to show that I empathize with their enormous dilemma

Response 2. "I don't have a endless supply of money.Those are the snacks we bought those are the snacks you are going to eat I'm not buying anything else until all those snacks are gone"

Not as nice but still getting the point across

Response 3. "How exactly is this my problem?"

Snarly yes-but by far the most effective
At this point they usually find something to eat from the horrible selection they are being force to endure  and I can go back to eating the good snacks that I have in my secret hiding place.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Three

Hi All! I know I've been MIA all week but I was sick as a dog. I'm back on my feet but have tons of work to catch up on so this will be quick:

Things I Love About Summer

1. No more rushing here there and everywhere for activities(at least for a few weeks)
2. Walking on the boardwalk at the beach at dusk & reconnecting with my family
3. Going out to the garden and picking fresh veggies. Nothing take better than food you've grown yourself.

As always I'd love to hear your three

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fabulous Find

I've been trying to makeover the girls' rooms without spending much money which is no easy task.
I've  been lucky enough howeverto  find these 2 blogs which show you how to take items that are less impressive in their original state to beautiful pieces you are proud to display.


These women are so incredibly talented in what they do. They take what most would consider trash and turn them into focal points in your home. Best of all they spend a very small amount of money doing it. They inspired  me to find hidden treasures to"wow up" my girls' rooms.Mmy goal was to spend under $30.00 to get a new chair & mirror for Sophia's room and lamps for both rooms.

Being that I don't have any Good Will stores local I decided to hit yard sales. On my first attempt I found 2 big heavy wooden mirrors at a barn sale for $10.00

I loved the beautiful carved flowers and being that I've going for a shabby chic look in Sophia's these were perfect. Just look at that detail.

I bought a can of semi-gloss white spray at Walmart for $ 2.92

After 2 coats it looked like this:

Not too bad if I don't say so myself but I still felt it needed a little something extra. So I took Swarovski flatback crystals that I already had(use them on my bows) on put them in the center of the flowers

It gives it just enough sparkle to make it pop.

OK- so the total so far is:
1 mirror -$5.00
spray paint-$2.92
crystals $2.00

Now remember I got 2 mirrors so what to do with the second mirror? Gabby didn't need a mirror she already had one and besides this one had a dark age spot on the mirror itself. Instead I sprayed the mirror with 2 coats of high gloss silver which I already had from another project and made the mirror a vanity mirror for her dresser.

FYI-she's only 11 the make-up on it is only for show

1 mirror-$5.00
spray paint-$2.92

Total so far is $17.84

Next project is the chair.
Hopefully this weekend I'll find a few lamps

So if you have a project and need some inspiration be sure to check out those blogs.You'll soon be addicted just like me!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's Three

I decided that starting this week, on Thursdays I'm going to do a quick post about pretty much anything but in multiplies of 3 and only one or two sentences for each.Knowing how I can ramble on this will be a challenge for me-look how long it took me to describe it! I encourage you to add your 3 on the subject-I love to hear your thoughts

What I Hate About Driving

1. People who turn/switch lanes without signaling-rude

2. People who don't turn off their signal after turning so you have know idea what their next move is.

3. Talking/texting while driving-there is nothing so important to discuss that you have the right to put my & my passengers lives at risk. If it is that important pull off the road to focus on your call.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dishn' About The Real Housewives of New Jersey

 I could go on for pretty much all day on what a paranoid,wack-a-do, living in her own private Idaho,hot mess Danielle is but does that really need to be said? Did she really think that she needed Hell's Angels for protection? Why would she think that bringing a non-invited,non-paying group of thugs would be welcomed and would have a seat ready for them? Seriously? It's really not entertaining anymore-just sad to see someone that out of touch with reality. She needs to get some help.Soon.

Usually I enjoy the segments with Theresa.She just makes me laugh. I think it's mostly because I'm Italian and I'm related to people who act and talk just like her and it cracks me up.Last night she did something I didn't find funny at all. For her daughter's 9th birthday she gave her a quad-like vehicle then proceeded to let her and her younger daughter ride it-WITHOUT HELMETS!!! How irresponsible. That thing was really traveling and Theresa's only concern was she didn't want them to go into puddles. One fast turn could have thrown either of her daughters off and onto the cement driveway at a fast speed. God help them if that happens. I hope she gets enough negative responses that she puts helmets on their "fabulous" little heads next time.

I'm Featured at Tip Junkie Today


Laurie from Tip Junkie(one of my everyday reads) contacted me this morning and told me that I'm her featured mom-prenuer for today. She has an amazing blog packed with tons of tutorials,ideas,links to other blogs/sites,holiday ideas and way too much more to links

So if you have a few seconds click on over to her blog and check it out. Who knows maybe you can win my giveaway. It's any mother's bracelet and a $15.00 gift certificate to Drama Queen Bows & Jewels


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