Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Jewelry for Its All About The Jewels

I've been really busy making new pieces and photographing older ones for Its All About The Jewels.There are quite a few to show off so I figured it would be easier to just do a slide show. Gabriella picked out the designs for it. Thanks kiddo! I have several up on the site and the rest are going up in the next few days.I'm also still having the 15% off sale sitewide

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Goodbye West Coast Wives Hello East Coast

I finally caught up on some of my Tivo shows and one I watched was the season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County.I don't consider myself a fan of reality shows but I am totally addicted to this series. I guess it's a voyeuristic look into how the other half lives that keeps me glued. I have to say lots of things during the episode either bothered me or just cracked me up so I will list them for you.

1. Vicki~ everything about Vicki bothered me. I loved how after Gretchen was given her motorcycle( and yes Tamra other people can want a pink motorcycle you don't own the rights to them)Vicki wouldn't go see it and then complained in the interview that Gretchen is basically an attention whore. " Hello kettle? It's Vicki calling" She's a complete attention whore! I guess walking around the party showing off her new Rolex to anyone who would stand still isn't trying to get attention.
Not only that but she made sure that everyone knew that she bought it for herself and wasn't a gift from her long suffering hubby.Being that she also received a second Rolex for her insurance work how bout you sell one of them and do something good with the money. There has got to be a homeless shelter in the OC that could use a large donation. Just an idea...
Lastly I didn't like her comment about"not getting the e-mail about giving gifts" when Gretchen gave out little purses. You don't like Gretchen we get it-let it go

2.Tamra~Her comment that the relationship between Gretchen and Jeff was not real and that Jeff was just paying her to be his companion was just mean spirited and completely immature. Even if that was the nature of the their relationship it is none of here business! I believe she is just threatened by of Gretchen b/c she's younger and prettier. She needs to stop acting like a high schooler and get a hobby!

3. Gretchen~ Stop screaming! we know you are there. Also stop trying so hard to make friendships with those woman. Find a friend your own age and go to the beach!

4. Lynn~ I have to say I really don't like your daughter. She's a lazy little princess who seriously needs a dose of reality. Regardless to what you think not all teenagers are drinking and shame on you for allowing it. Also if you are so obsessed with look young stay out of the sun and start using some moisturizer. Your skin is starting to look like a real crispy chicken.

5.All of you-cover the heck up! The fact that you feel the need to have your silicone filled bobbies hanging out is just sad and makes you look older.

6. Jo~ Ditch the bangs. You look like a drag queen.

7. Jeanna~ Love you. I hope you find Mr. Right

So that is my take on the Finale of Orange. On to the east coast

I was able to catch the New York housewives on the premier night and I loved it! I guess being from New York I just "get them" more than their west coast sisters. However... I really feel a few of them need a good smack to smack.

1.Simon-really? Does he know that it is okay to come out of the closet? If my husband ever worried about what suit to take on vacation and was begging to go shopping I would march him right to a neurologist because he would definitely have a brain tumor.I didn't like his comment on how he could tell Jill is from Long Island. What does that mean? I'm very happily a Long Islander! It's a great place I live approx. 50 miles from NYC and 30 miles from the Hamptons. We have great schools,food,cultural activities,beaches,parks etc. Yeah~ we're loud,opinionated and have a very distinct accent.We are also great people with a heart of gold. Tons of famous people come from L.I.- Take that Simon! Does he give anyone else the creeps or is it just me?

LuAnn~ I love when she's having drinks with the new housewife Kelly and she states that she hates when someone acts like they are better than you. Does she not remember last season when she had a fit when Bethenny introduced her to a driver using her first name! Does that not count? I love how she was always bragging about being a former model but this season she confesses that she really did more "catalog work". I have 3 words for you countess: Get Over Yourself! That being said I can't wait to see what happens next!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fabulous Find

Those of you who know me personally already know of my obsession with lip products. Be it balm,salve,gloss,liners and lipstick- it doesn't matter I love it all. This year to add to my ever growing collection I found this incredible lip balm .

It's Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. This stuff is amazing. Sophia always gets really chapped lips in the winter and after using this balm for only 2-3 days her lips are back to normal. I have one tube on my nightstand to condition my lips while I'm sleeping. It has a delicious minty flavor and is not heavy and waxy like lip balms tend to be.

Available wherever Burt's Bees is Sold. I bought my tube at for $2.99

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Newsflash: Angelina Jolie has taken a breath!

Seriously-I just don't get this obsession the world seems to have with St. Angie. Yes-there is no doubt she's beautiful.Yes-she has a great looking partner.Yes-she has tons of kids and Yes-she's an actress. I didn't write great actress because personally I don't think that she is. Why is it every time I look at any magazine she is on the cover somewhere? I don't think she is that interesting. She always has this "stick up the butt" look that I find very annoying And forget about the web-Today's mention of her put me over the edge.The headline read "Angelina's Daring Dress". This is the photo of the "daring dress"

Daring? What is so daring about this? I used to have a dress just like it-in 1985! I guess the daring part is she has leggings(not shown in photo) on also. Again-1985. I'm just so sick of seeing this chick everywhere. Newsflash:she breathed again! Wake me when she actually does something newsworthy! Sorry for my cranky tone but I have kidney stones again and I'm in a foul mood. If I can't vent here why bother having a blog!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yeah-I know I forgot...

I know I didn't do a Friday Fab. Find last week. I had a busy day and honestly I didn't discover anything new last week. Oh well-maybe this week's will be twice as good.

I did have a pretty good weekend though. Saturday was the 5th grade pancake breakfast at our school. I did feel a bit guilty going and not actually working at it being that I have a 5th but knowing that I do lots of volunteering at the school for other activities- just not for a particular grade- I let this one go. I didn't eat much being that I'm fighting a sinus infection and for some reason whenever I get one I just don't feel like eating. I did however get to sit with adults and have an actual adult conversation-for more than 30 minutes! That has got to be some kind of record-judges?

Sunday was rating day with Sophia's twirling group. I'd post a picture of just how adorable she and her friends looked if I had been able to take a friggin' picture. I received a great new camera for Christmas this year and charged it Christmas morning. I haven't had to charge it since. So I decide to make sure the camera is fully charge before the show but the charger is missing. I looked everywhere but it's gone. It must have been thrown out with the Christmas garbage. So I dig out my older camera that takes ok photos but doesn't hold a charge for long. Just to be on the safe side I take out fresh batteries and ask John to change them with the ones in the camera while I finish getting Sophia ready. So we get to the show and I tell Sophia to pose with her friends so I can get a nice picture and nothing. The friggin' batteries are dead. So now I have no pictures.John swears he changed the batteries but I'm not sure I believe him.

We had decided to go a Chinese buffet for a late lunch because Sophia had been asking for "crab wigs"*(one of my mother's mess ups that keeps us in stiches. More on them later) aka crap legs for weeks .During lunch my mother(my parents were with us)points out that a new discounted book store had opened in the same plaza and we should check it out. We get there and the place is packed! I mean tons of 30's and 40's dressed nicely walking around but not really shopping. I also noticed I was getting checked out a few times. I mean I looked ok and I not hideous but I did think it was a bit odd.....until I made my way to the back of the store and saw the big sign announcing the singles party that was going on at the bookstore! Of course I ran to my mother and told her and then we were watching for who was really looking for books or a hook up.
John found for me "Entertaining with the Sopranos" which I had to have. Anyone who knows me knows my deep love for the Sopranos. I've seen every episode at least 3 times-some 5 or more times-and I've even been told that I resemble Edie Falco-who plays Carmella Soprano. Not the best compliment but at least I'm not told I look like Tony.

So Sunday night comes and I go to bed with my new book and turn on the t.v. and what is on? My other love the Godfather. All and all it was a good weekend.

*my mom is known for screwing up words and/or sayings. She doesn't do it on purpose but it doesn't make it any less funny. My all time favorite was once probably 20 years or more ago I was driving home with her and someone made a left in front of my car-missed him by 2 feet at the most. When my mom sees what's happening she screams "oh my shit"while bracing for a crash that doesn't happen. We get home and I say "oh my shit?' what is that? Apparently she was think "oh my God" and "holy shit" and that's how it came out of her mouth. These things happen to her all the time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wear Red on Friday Feb.6

Hey Ladies(& men-but I'm not thinking I have too many male readers) don't forget to wear you red this Friday to show your support in the fight against heart disease.

Follow this link for more information:

The CPSIA Lead testing law has been delayed!

Thanks to an enormous grassroots movement there still is hope for the small handcrafter business owners like me Hooray! Time to put away the pepto and brake out the good chocolates

"The stay of enforcement provides some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children's garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the testing and certification required under the CPSIA. These businesses will not need to issue certificates based on testing of their products until additional decisions are issued by the Commission."

Thanks to all of you who signed the petition in an earlier blog. Now you'll have excuse me so I can get the the before mentioned chocolates...


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